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Ahead of the G20 Summit - Seoul Deports a Young WMW Anti-G20 Activist

MANILA (07 November 2010) - Despite threat of detention and deportation, Joanna Bernice "Nice" Coronacion, 22, courageously travelled to South Korea to try and enter the country to participate in the activities of the Peoples' Collective Action Against G20.  She was invited by Korea Women's Alliance, as the labor sector representative of the World March of Women (WMW)-Pilipinas.

Coronacion, who is also the National Coordinator of Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL)-Youth, did not go out of the Incheon Airport, three hours after her flight’s touchdown.   Jean Enriquez, Coordinator of WMW-Pilipinas was burning lines with Young Soon of Korea Women's Alliance, who is supposed to pick Coronacion at the airport.  Enriquez is concerned that Coronacion will be made to board the 8PM flight back to Manila, as was done to Josua Mata, Secretary-General of APL, and 4 others, last night.

“Young Soon was told by the immigration officer that they were still interviewing Nice, and never returned call despite our insistence,” according to Jean Enriquez, Coordinator of WMW-Pilipinas.  At 8:20 PM, Enriquez received a call from KWA that the immigration officer finally informed her that Nice is on the 8PM flight to Manila via Korean Airlines.  She is expected to arrive at NAIA at 11 tonight.

Coronacion was supposed to talk on the impact of neoliberalism on women workers during the Gender Justice Action Workshops on November 8 and10, as well as the protest action on the 11th, ahead of the G20 Summit.

“The South Korean Government and the G20 have exposed themselves to be violators not only of economic rights, but political rights as well,” Enriquez was indignant.

“If there’s anyone who should be detained, it should be the G20 leaders who are trying to resuscitate a flawed model of development – the very same model that has led to the global crisis,” Mata added.

The People’s Collective Action against G20 – Philippines will be holding an indignation rally tomorrow, Monday, in front of the South Korean Embassy in Manila.(30)

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