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World March of Women
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8th March: Women Struggling against Patriarchy, Capitalism, Racism and War!

Around the world, the 8th March launches the calendar of social movements’ common struggles in 2009. This year, in the spirit of the Women’s Assembly Declaration, held during the Belém World Social Forum, demonstrations will strongly denounce the capitalist model of development responsible for the crisis affecting the whole planet, and which has – as one of its support pillars – the oppression of women. Manifestations will also denounce the superficial responses to the crisis, responses that only serve to concentrate wealth to a larger extent, and to continue the reproduction of the patriarchal capitalist global system.

Women will be in the streets to reaffirm the world they want to build, based on feminism, freedom from exploration, inequality and discrimination, and without violence and racism. They will demand true equality, freedom and the end to the criminalisation of women who are struggling for autonomy of their bodies and sexuality. Faced with wars that maintain and deepen world inequality, the 8th March will also be a moment for the defence of peace and peoples’ sovereignty, and the expression of solidarity to all women living in conflict regions, such as Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo and, especially, Palestine.

WMW National Coordination Bodies (NCBs) are organising actions in many countries around the world, among them: Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Chile, Cuba, Galicia, Guatemala, Kenya, Laos, Pakistan and Quebec.  Click to see more details.

For us, this 8th March launches a year of intense work to construct the International Action that will take place in 2010. The International Actions of the World March of Women are moments for expressing the strength of women organised collectively in associations, groups, and movements. In addition, they express the strength derived from the fact that we are women with diverse experiences, political cultures and ethnicities, but with a common wish to overcome the current unjust order. They are also expressions of international solidarity with women in other parts of the world.

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