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World March of Women
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All the women on the Cane-Cane-Canebière

By Judith Martin-Razi

We were 12 000 for the demonstration. The inhabitants of Marseille could not believe it. I have to say that our occupation of “la Canebière” was great, especially when the women sang "All the women of the Earth, meet themselves on la Cane-Cane-Canebière...” An incredulous passer-by said: “...Have you seen? There are only women. It’s incredible!”. In the Old Port, delegations were applauded. It was a warm and beautiful day for all the women of the Earth on “la Cane-Cane-Canebière”.

There was a party, a concert, but also some work. The forums were fully attended. We were victims of our success and we had to refuse the entrance to some women for security reasons. We improvised interventions and testimonies on La Porte d’Aix for all those who did not have been able to participate in the debates.


Propositions of work and common campaigns came out of these intense days. We shall communicate them to you as soon as we will gather them. There were strong moments, as for example when the migrant women announced that they had just created here in Marseille, an international coordination of the migrant women to fight together against absurd laws forged by the governments of the European Community who often stigmatize the women of the immigration. It was a high time for the propositions concerning violence.

Emotion, tears and songs punctuated widely our meetings. But we ended those two days singing, after a call to continue the fight and saying that the World March of Women is an irreversible process because women show solidarity between themselves

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