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World March of Women
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Antiwar actions in Colombia

By Rubén Darío Rojas

Over 3000 women gathered at the Rumichaca bridge to be present for the Relay’s arrival in Colombia. They blocked the highway to demand, in particular, that the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) be rejected, and they protested against neoliberal globalization.

Native leader Luisa Trujillo, who heads an organization of some two million Indigenous and peasant women in Ecuador, denounced the mistreatment and abuse of her Colombian neighbours—even though she had to do it from outside the country to ensure her safety. Angela de Pérez, the wife of a senator kidnapped three years ago, was also on hand for the event. She reminded the government that the only way to solve the armed conflict was through talks between the parties concerned, and she emphasized the value of peace contained in the Women's Global Charter for Humanity.

Colombian Quilt:




Pictures taken in Cali

The World March of Women was in Colombia from April 1 to April 6, 2005.

Read also an article by Rubén Darío Rojas, Diario del sur about the arrival of the Women's Global Charter for Humanity in Colombia, at the Rumichac bridge.

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