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26th January 2008 - Global Day of Mobilisation and Action


We are occupying the streets in solidarity with the women around the world who are prevented from doing so.

Not without them!


On the 26th January 2008 thousands of women, men and children will occupy the streets to denounce injustices and affirm the economic, political and cultural alternatives that they are creating. Once again, the World Social Forum is asserting that neoliberalism is not the only means to manage the world, and furthermore, has shown itself to be the most tragic.


We, from the World March of Women, are united to assert that a world based on the values of equality, freedom, solidarity, justice and peace is possible. We affirm our resistance to the commodification and privatization of our territories, the environment, women’s bodies, and relationships between peoples.


Economic, political and religious interests attempt to impose themselves on us through arms, occupations of foreign territories, the militarization of our daily lives, the criminalization of the poor and of activists. Violence against women is central to these patriarchal and military strategies: as a tool of control, as a way of trying to silence us and destroying the solidarity between peoples and within communities.


For these reasons, on this day we are occupying the streets in solidarity with women who are prevented from doing so. We are drawing attention to the human rights violations in Burma, Haiti, Iran, Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya, countries in which the current situation is brutal, affects a huge number of people, and is institutionalized by the State or in a context of total absence of the State.


In other countries, violence might not be as visible and is not always to be found in the headlines, but it is present in all times and spaces, and always much closer to every one of us than we might think. The fact that women’s rights violations are common does not mean to say that they are natural or tolerable. Our indignation is here with us in the streets.


We will continue marching until all women are free!


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