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Denise Comanne: present!

Denise Comanne passed away on the 28th May, in Brussels, Belgium

“Born in 1949, I never married, I have no children, but I’m really happy in love!... I took part in all the struggles…” It was in this way Denise Comanne started her biography: a short description of struggles that are important for all of us. They include the students’ movement in the 60s, the reaction to structural adjustment policies, solidarity with Central  America peoples, and all of her struggle against the scourge of debt, be it in Africa, in the Americas or in Asia. This struggle she carried out at the heart of CADTM (Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt), network allied to the World March of Women.

Feminist since the 1960’s, Denise said: “Today, I am turning again to feminist issues because the financial, economic, social and environmental crises will have specific impacts on the daily lives of women”. This concern is reflected in the call to action recently disseminated by women from CADTM. Our answer to this call to action is our way of saying that Denise is present:

“We, women from CADTM, demand the immediate suspension of the payment of the Greek public debt! We demand the immediate start to an audit of the debt, in order to determine which part of it is illegitimate and therefore needs to be totally and simply abolished! We demand an end to military expenses and that the money saved be dedicated to socially useful activities and policies: social care and the struggle against discrimination and violence against women.

We call for women and men to rebel against austerity packages imposed by capitalists. We will not pay for the damages caused by crises that we did not provoke!"

With Denise’s joy, coherence and determination, we will continue on the March!

World March of Women
International Secretariat

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